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MENTORING SESSIONS // Tell a story...



There are some exciting things coming soon (more workshops, more adventures and more opportunities to connect and create), but for now, one-on-one mentoring is my short term focus, and it remains my absolute favorite avenue for deliberate and impactful education in this often messy industry.


So if you'll have me, I'd love to take you a tour of my history and show you how I've arrived at a place where creating with intent and crafting accurate and emotive stories is what fuels my creative spirit and also feeds my growing family.


There are a couple of ways this can go down...

Option 1) In person - over a cup of something and a tangent friendly conversation where we'll go as deep in to the philosophy and craft of photographic storytelling as we can in the 2 hours or so that we spend together. I'll share my many failures with you and promise to be open and honest in answering any questions you throw at me. We'll also get to the crux of what you need help with, to ensure what we cover is helpful to your specific goals. This experience is $400 (or $300 via skype if we are unable to to meet in person). 


Option 2) If you're looking for a more hands on session and want to actually make some some photographs together... we can jump in my car, head down the coast and share an afternoon/evening on the road together. I'll show you some magical places and we'll stop at any interest points that catch our eye, all the while sharing stories, lessons, snacks and probably a few laughs along the way too. This is a little more time intensive but will be a lot more beneficial if you have questions about lighting, composition and camera function. This experience is $600 OR $800 if you want me to arrange for some models to tag along for the benefit of real demonstration and some new portfolio shots!



but are not limited to...


Storytelling / Creating with intent / Destination weddings / Staying inspired / Avoiding cliches / Workflow /

Winning without social media / Personality branding / Cloning your best clients


Lastly, discounts apply if there are more than one of you, so feel free to ask a friend to join, OR if there's somewhere you want me to go, let me know! I travel all the time and would love to connect with you and your hometown crew!


Thanks for reading... I'm excited to trade tales of this wild adventure we call photography and help you on your journey in any way I can!


For bookings, availability and questions, please contact me directly at josh@joshuakanephotography.com