Stephanie and Paul, boca raton engagement photography
July 07, 2014
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Florida wedding photographers often get asked to do beach engagement shoots... and I'll be honest, Florida beaches are not my favorite shoot locations. However, the most important thing to me is capturing who the couple really is... their shared interests, their combined personalities, their love. And if it just so happens that the beach is the best place to tell this story, then so be it! On this particular occasion, no other location could have been more perfect! 

Steph had warned me prior to the shoot that there would probably be a need to include some wine at some point to lighten the mood, haha. What a great idea! In the end, the shoot evolved so organically that wine or no wine, the natural chemistry between Steph and Paul was pure magic, and I was merely there to document them at this most special time in their lives! Congrats to Steph and Paul on their engagement, and I can't wait for their wedding at the Ancient Spanish Monastery.


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Megan and Kyle, jupiter beach resort wedding photography
July 03, 2014
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The Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa is the perfect beach wedding destination. For us florida wedding photographers who are lucky enough to shoot here from time to time, it's always a lot of fun! Megan and Kyle's wedding was no exception. Check out their story below...

"Oh my gosh! I love it! Can't wait to see more, ahhhh! The wedding was absolutely perfect. So romantic and special to us, and it was the funnest day of our lives! Thank you so much for being our photographer."

- Megan

The above message was copied from her email to me after I sent her a sneak peek of their wedding photos... And I couldn't agree more with her description of their wedding day. Megan and Kyle's wedding was the perfect example of what a wedding should be -- A straight forward reflection of the deep connection between two people. Simple, beautiful, somewhere that makes them happy, surrounded by those who mean the most, and... All. About. Love. 


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