Every time I design a wedding album, I think about what it will mean to this couple and their family. Not just when they open it for the first time, but years down the road

I picture an elderly couple surrounded by a mess of grandchildren hovering around a dusty leather book. I imagine tiny hands reaching to feel the soft worn leather. I envision eye-popping images as vibrant and true as the day they were printed. I imagine a story being told, and comments being tossed around the room. "Look how handsome Grandpa was"... "Wow can you believe the dresses back in those days?" I imagine laughter, and tears and love. 

What I can't imagine, is that same family having the same experience hovered around a computer monitor. Trying to feel the same way, without actually holding the moments in their hands. Technology has brought us many wonderful things... especially to us photographers. But, don't let your memories live a digital life. Print them, share them, get an album... Or at least something you can hold, smell, touch... a surface for tears of joy to fall upon. 

We are losing touch with the tangible things that can come from photography, and this saddens me. Your wedding photos will never look their best, until you see them printed on high quality photographic paper, mounted on sturdy pages, and tightly bound with thick leather. There are many options, and I look forward to showing you!