I'm Joshua Kane Wood, a destination wedding photographer, adventurer, family man and dual citizen of Australia and the USA.

My family and I spend time between our two homes West Palm Beach, Florida and Adelaide Australia, as I chase the wedding seasons and document amazing stories a long the way.


Being based between two countries has enabled me to shoot in some pretty far out places and meet some truly special people


I'm incredibly blessed to have this life, and I try not take it for granted.

I put everything I have physically and emotionally in to the stories I create for people. I obsess over each one, making sure it's honest, beautiful and authentic. In the end, the images I hand back are more than just a recap of your event. They are a reflection of you, frozen, but living side by side with the real experiences, real emotions and memories that you'll carry along with you. And if those memories should some day fade, your photographs will bring you back, not only to the place and time they depict, but to the way you felt in those moments. Laughter, tears, come what may... That is what I strive to give you

Just like your story, mine is a unique and interesting one. If we ever meet, I'd love to trade tales, and hear all about what makes you you. Until then, take a look around... scroll through some images, read some stories, and see what this all means to me. 

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