I'm Joshua Kane Wood, a destination wedding photographer, adventurer, family man and dual citizen of Australia and the USA.


I'm incredibly grateful for this life of travel, celebration and connection, so I try not take it for granted. 


I put everything I have physically and emotionally in to the stories I create for people. I obsess over each one, making sure it's an authentic and beautiful recap of your event, but also an honest and unique work of art that is worthy of your investment and trust.

Everything I do is with longevity in mind. If your wedding day memories should some day fade, your photographs will bring you back, not only to the place and time they depict, but to the way you felt in those moments. Laughter, tears, come what may... That is what I strive to give you.


Things you should know about me... 


I'm tall (I gets all the angles ;)

I'm Australian (but we currently live in South Florida)

I have four kids and a heroic wife (see pics below)

I don't like being photographed (but value photographs more than anything)

I don't buy in to weird wedding photography trends like over editing or awkward poses (ever)

I used to play pro basketball (but a knee injury ruined it, and a long self reinvention lead me to photography) 

All my inspiration comes from movies (hence the cinematic nature of my work)

Just like your story, mine is a unique and interesting one. If we ever meet, I'd love to trade tales, and hear all about what makes you you. Until then, take a look around... scroll through some images, read some stories, and see what this all means to me.



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