LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

The US has 62 protected areas known as National Parks. It is my intention to photograph adventurous, nature loving humans in every single one of them. This is a mission about love, the environment and chasing a dream. I'm Josh, a destination wedding and portrait photographer from Australia, a place I love and miss deeply. We Australian's are passionate world travelers, although I never thought I'd leave my country for good. However in 2011, I felt compelled to do just that, for a few reasons. First and foremost... LOVE - I came here to marry the love of my life who just happens to be an American (shout out to all the '90-day-fiances' out there!). Secondly... PASSION -  I ...

TAMMY + FRASER // Mornington Peninsula Wedding
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

Tammy and Fraser have a unique story. From literal opposite ends of the earth, the universe pulled them together to forge a new center... if only for a day. And on this day, beautiful objects, people and emotions swirled and danced all around. It takes a pretty special couple to warrant the 24 hours of travel required to reach Australia's Mornington Peninsula all the way from Miami Beach. But clearly, enough family and friends thought these guys were worth the effort... and that made this a rare and beautiful event to say the least.Tammy is originally from Cuba, and Fraser (like myself) is an Aussie on the path to naturalization in the USA. The pair live in Miami and are ...

JENNY + COLIN // The W South Beach
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

    Click play for the slideshow // Scroll for the highlights    Jenny and Colin's intimate wedding at The W South Beach was the perfect blend of Florida modern and bohemian minimalism. Their wedding was simple in it's formality, but had all the emotional elements, style and beauty of a much larger wedding. This is a delicate balancing act, but they pulled it off perfectly! That's probably thanks to their personalities, priorities and impeccable taste.Jenny and Colin are parents... and I've always thought that the perspective you gain from having kids means you view other big life events through a different lens. It's easier to decipher what's ...

SPARROW + KEITH // Asheville Couples Portraits
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

Sparrow and Keith are a couple... but they're also a traveling band (The Resonant Rogues). So when the opportunity arose to document a little bit of their relationship as well as a little bit of their musical history, I was absolutely stoked with the photographic possibilities this collaboration would present.Now, anyone who knows me, knows I wish it were autumn all year round. The colors are unbeatable, and there's probably nowhere better to experience a north American fall than in the Smokey Mountains. So needless to say, this shoot had it all... Ultra creative and willing subjects, epic autumn scenery, and that ever present southern soul that you just kinda 'feel' when you're deep in ...

Coolest Palm Beach Wedding Venues // A Photographer's Guide
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

Ah Palm Beach County, FL... The land of golf courses, polo clubs, beach resorts, boujee ballrooms and corporate venues with obscenely overpriced steak tartare. Not your scene? Yeah me either! But I do live here, and I have recently uncovered some pretty damn good alternatives to the typical "wedding-y" spots. So if you happen to be getting married in this neck of the woods, and are trying desperately to avoid the seemingly endless search results for barf-tastically outdated wedding venues, and instead are looking for something a little more creative, eclectic or dare I say "off beat", then this is the list for you! As a traveling wedding photographer, I've seen all kinds of weird ...

SARAH + DAVID // Key West Wedding
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

Regardless of the reason for your visit to Key West FL, you're really only there for one thing... To have a bloody fantastic time! And that's exactly what Sarah and David's wedding weekend was. But rewind about a year and things weren't looking so flash for their Key West wedding plans. A hurricane ripped through the Keys and all but leveled a number of potential wedding sites. Some were more worse for wear than others, but the reality struck regardless that this sliver of paradise at the southern most point of the United States is prone to some rather destructive weather patterns... Not ideal when you're trying to plan your dream wedding in the place that means so much to you.So ...

HANNAH + MAX // Joshua Tree Adventure Session
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

Hannah and Max visit Joshua Tree National Park pretty much every chance they get. They kept saying how they can't believe it's so close to LA but so many Southern Californians don't bother to actually enjoy the amazing wilderness that surrounds them. I couldn't agree more (although I don't mind having less people around). Anyway, as a nature loving pair of hikers, it only felt natural to spend some time documenting their chemistry amongst this beautiful and meaningful landscape.Aside from the epic scenes we stumbled across together... the experience was full of memorable moments! Namely, my eventful and unplanned run in with a cactus, and Max's heroism in a mad dash back to the car to ...

MARY + ADAM // Wynwood Wedding at MAPS Backlot
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

    Click play for the slideshow // Scroll for the highlights    I've always said, you can tell a lot about a couple by the way they choose to celebrate their love. What they care about, what they enjoy, what family and friends mean, and what a good time looks like to them. Needless to say, I learned a lot about Mary and Adam through this epic celebration! They have an amazing group of loved ones who made their wedding an awesome experience to be a part of from start to finish. That's a testament to the kind of people they are. Welcoming, generous and just plain fun!Not only was their wedding held at my all time favorite venue to photograph, ...