CLARA + VINCE // Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding

   Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights    Clara and Vince's dual wedding ceremonies took place at one the best Barossa Valley wedding venues I'm yet to photograph. Seppeltsfield Winery has all the rustic South Australian charm you could ask for. And considering the vibrant contrast of blended Chinese-Malaysian traditions against the vintage Australian wedding backdrop, it definitely made for an interesting and dynamic setting for this emotional wedding story to unfold. I always implore couples to make their wedding plans with their joint personalities and values at the core of each decision. And these guys, who have a passion for amazing food, wild dance parties and of course, family, did just that. Their wedding was absolutely a reflection of them. Clara and Vince are equally fun, genuine and beautiful souls... whose chemistry and passions align in such perfect splendor that it really made my job of documenting their love and celebration a truly amazing experience. Now, I don't often comment on the peripheral details of the wedding... BUT I absolutely have to mention how impressed I was by the collaborative efforts of their family and friends who combined many creative talents to pull off a truly unique and beautiful aesthetic for this wedding. Clara's sister Brenda, actually hand made the ...

JEN + MIKE // Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

   Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights    Jen and Mike are totally my kind of people! Rad to the bone and madly in love, they set off for Jen's hometown of Pittsburgh for their super unique wedding at the Andy Warhol Museum. Surrounded by the absurd and beautiful paintings, prints, photographs and installations that shocked and changed the art world, these two committed themselves to one another in one of the most unique and endearing ceremonies I've witnessed. Although the setting was insanely cool and beautiful, not even Warhol's multiple masterpieces were as moving as what we were all gathered there for...A wedding is a special enough occasion, but the fact that Jen was actually about 7 months pregnant just added another layer of awesome to this story!A few weeks ago they welcomed the adorable Ripley to their family, and I'm so happy that these photos will always be a reminder of this incredible phase of life. One unfortunate part of this story was that it took place during one of the worst weather events in recent history. Hurricane Irma was set to batter the entire state of Florida where the couple and most of their family and friends reside. A pretty significant portion of the group couldn't get flights up to Pittsburgh which meant a much lighter guest list and bridal party. But, realizing ...

JENN + WILL // Asheville Elopement Photography

     Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights    Jenn and Will wanted to do something unique. They love each other and marriage is an inevitable chapter in their story... but a traditional and expensive wedding did not sit well with the way they planned to celebrate their love and commitment.After all, there just aren't any rules to love and they're certainly shouldn't be any restrictions to the way you choose to celebrate it. So off to the Great Smokey Mountains they went. Asheville in the fall is such a perfect place for a destination elopement, and although this particular occasion was symbolic in meaning and yet to be made legal (a formality they intend to finalize soon) the freedom and flexibility of a true adventure in a place with so much soul, history and beauty was the perfect way to spend a weekend. A fortuitous series of events help them to land accommodation at possibly the most authentic hillside cabin in the South. It was so rich with detail and history that it just added an extra layer of charm and character to an experience that already felt like journey through time. I was extremely fortunate to be a passenger for the entirety of this expedition. A voyeur to something truly special. I can't that Jenn and Will enough for their trust and friendship throughout this ...

LARA + NATE // Michigan Farm Wedding

   Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights    Lara and Nate's Northern Michigan farm wedding was one of those rare occasions where everything comes together is such perfect splendor! It was honestly flawless! From the epic secluded location, more rustic charm than you can poke a stick at, and the thick blanket of good vibes that pulled it all together, the day felt like a dream.Not to mention, the couple themselves are just bloody lovely human beings!It was also one of the more touching wedding day stories I've ever had the delightful duty of documenting... There was just an indescribable atmosphere of love, selflessness and joy that shrouded the entire event. Maybe it was the Groom's thoughtful handwritten letters, or his niece's overwhelming admiration of the Bride (to the point of streaming tears)... Maybe it was the joyfully animated reactions of an extremely proud parent... OR perhaps it was the hawk that circled the ceremony that brought an added element of spiritual involvement. Whatever it was that made the day seem more emotionally weighted, it affected me in a way that I wasn't expecting. It rejuvenated my passion for this craft, and I'm so so grateful to Lara and Nate for allowing me to witness such a story, let a lone photograph it.I should also add, that being asked to photograph the wedding of a ...

FRANCESCA + GORDON // Bahamas Destination Wedding

   Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights   The Bahamas is a special place. It's the kind of place where you can't help but be completely immersed in your experience, oblivious to the outside world. When you're there, it's almost impossible to think about your "normal life" and your worries just seem to float away with the breeze. It's no wonder the people there are so lovely and care free.Not to mentioned, it's downright beautiful. The clearest water you'll ever see. Sand that looks and feels like cotton candy. Rustic charm at every turn. Sunsets that no photo could ever do justice, and all the conch salad you could ever eat. Put this all together and it's clearly the perfect place for a destination wedding....and heaven for a destination wedding photographer. Gordon spent a lot of his childhood and teenage years fishing and diving around Harbour Island. For him, the place holds infinite memories and is a huge piece of his story. And same goes for Francesca, who fell in love with the Caribbean at a different time but for many of the same reasons. When the two of them starting visiting the Islands together, it was pretty much inevitable that they would decide to solidify there ties to the Bahamas and etch their names in to the rather large, rather literal leather bound ledger containing every marriage ...

KARA + RICK // Adelaide Hills Wedding

Kara and Rick's wedding was pretty much a festival celebrating everything there is to love about weddings! In fact, they translated the meaning of a wedding in to precisely what it meant to them personally. Specifically, family and friends gathered in the quaintest of hillside gardens, a poetic and sincere ceremony, amazing food,  personalised craft beer, the prettiest of details and a good chunk of hang out time together in picturesque places.Basically a wedding photographers dream gig in the Adelaide Hills.When the three of us sat down to talk about their wedding over a year ago, I knew it was going to be one to look forward to. Not merely because of the cool location, theme or vibe they had in mind, but because of their philosophy about what's important in all this wedding stuff. They held on to their vision and made their day a reflection of their unique personality as a couple... something I'm always encouraging couples to do!What did surprise me though, was just how epic of a shindig it turned in to. When every male in the room has his pants around his ankles on the dance floor, you know you're at an awesome wedding! One other thing I have to mention... Kara is an awesome wedding photographer in her own right (check her out here). I can't express how flattered and honored I am to be entrusted with the responsibility of documenting a story for ...

HALEY + ANIKET // Seattle Engagement Photos

When I go somewhere new, I always want the local perspective first. I never enjoy a place as much unless I can see and understand it intimately through the eyes of someone who is deeply passionate about where they live. The Pacific Northwest is somewhere I've always felt drawn to. The weather, the landscape and just the vibe in general appeals to me on so many levels.Needless to say, the Pacific Northwest a place I can see myself traveling to more often!During this particular trip, I met Haley and Aniket, two remarkable souls who were all to kind and eager to go exploring with me... and of course take some photos along the way! We started in downtown Seattle (Capitol Hill to be precise) and made our way out to Franklin falls. All the while getting to know one another, sharing stories and laughs and eventually an epic Vietnamese dinner and a few Moscow mules. I consider them friends now... and in a few short months I'll be accompanying them to Delhi, India to document their wedding. It's amazing the adventures you can embark on when you are open to connecting and sharing a unique experience with new people.But for now, this post is about their engagement, their intense love for each other and their beautiful home state. Enjoy!  

DEEANA + ANDREW // Intimate Miami Beach Wedding

Deeana and Andrew approached their intimate Miami beach wedding exactly the way that I wish everyone did. Whether it be traditional or not, my hope for everyone is that they celebrate this commitment in a way that is truly in line with their unique personal philosophies as a couple. It's different for everyone, but for them, it only mattered that they were somewhere beautiful, somewhere that held meaning to their story and relationship, and surrounded by the closest family members. They managed to check all of those boxes and I was honored to be asked to document it for them!Believe it not, it was some what of a "pop-up wedding".... in that everyone arrived at the beach without a specific location in mind for the ceremony. In the end, I think we found the perfect spot nestled between the palms and hidden away from the beach goers. Remarkable considering the awesome homemade arbor had to be assembled on the spot just minutes before the vows! What I enjoyed most is that they prioritized the schedule and left plenty of time for quiet moments alone throughout the day. I'm sure this helped to solidify their memories as they had ample time to soak up the surroundings. It also allowed for some beautiful photos!