LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

    Click play for the slideshow // Scroll for the highlights     I love what I do. Especially when I get to do it for friends who are living a great story. And the Ingles family is certainly living a great story.Interestingly, we have more than a few things in common... Australians living in the US, chasing passions and loving every minute of it... but also parents of twins. There are some pretty unique challenges that come with these circumstances; distance from family and friends, hectic schedules, the quest for balance between immersing yourself in your passion and personal goals and immersing yourself in your family life whole ...

AMY + NICK // Slow Coast Lodge, Northern California
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

    Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights      It's late... and I'm tired. But I love this story so much, I need you to see it. However, I don't think I have enough energy to write eloquently about what this particular wedding meant to me. For now, I'll just say that Amy and Nick's story encapsulates everything I love about this craft and the connections and experience that have come from it. They're just beautiful souls who I feel so fortunate to have met and photographed. I recently emailed them their slideshow, here's what Nick had to say in response:"Dude. DUDE.Holy crap you're good at this! This is truly ...

KATELYN + CARLOS // Elopement in Florence, Italy
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

    Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights    Katelyn and Carlos met over 8 years ago in New York's JFK airport. Although they were boarding different planes, they were in fact bound for the same destination (in more ways than one). They were both heading to Italy to study abroad in Florence through Syracuse University. Once there, they spent their free days taking in the sights and tastes of this incredible place. Needless to say, along the way they fell in love with the city, and with each other.It's stories like this that reinforce my belief that some relationships are truly fated.One this trip, we revisited their story which took us all over ...

LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

I need to see all of this country... or at least, as much of it as I can. And since wedding photography has long been my vehicle for exploration and expression, I've decided to set myself a task.  To photograph a wedding in every state!  To say photographing weddings is my passion, wouldn't be entirely accurate. It's more like an addiction... or an obsession. There's just no other life event more curiously beautiful or visually exciting to me. I'm not talking about the flowers, the cake or Uncle Bob's rocking dance moves. I'm more interested in the ritual itself... the vulnerability and bravery of two people putting their love on show. Not to mention, the emotional ...

JEMMA + DAN // Waverly Estate Wedding
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

    Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights    I'm not going to explain this one in too much wordy detail. I think the images will do just fine. But here are some thoughts that swirled around my head while I was putting the finished touches on this once in a lifetime day at the Waverly Estate.Some wedding day stories just have an extra layer of emotion that no one expects. It's a feeling that hangs thick in the air, and you can see it on the faces around you if you watch for longer enough. It's an excitement, an urgency... but it's also an acknowledgement and a realization of the shortness of our existence. There are few life ...

TAMMY + FRASER // Engagement in Havana, Cuba
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

Though it's so close to our home in Florida, Cuba is a place I never thought I'd get to visit for the purpose of telling a story through photography. It just seemed like too big of a task or too awesome of a dream to actually happen. So when Tammy and Fraser contacted me about doing their engagement photos in Havana, I didn't get my hopes up too high. A lot had to fall into place, particularly with fairly short notice and an already hectic travel schedule. BUT, after meeting these guys and connecting with their story, I knew I had to be a part of this journey.What their relationship represents to me, is exactly what I love about this craft and the concept of joining lives and families ...

KRISTEN + LLOYD // Winter Park, Florida
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

    Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights     Kristen and Lloyd are beyond cool. They dress cool. They talk cool. They have a cool record collection... They just seem to ooze coolness in a way that makes you want to know them. Their friends will back me up here. BUT they're also genuine, down to earth and just bloody lovely humans. So photographing their wedding in the beautiful Harry P Leu Gardens was a pretty great way to spend a winter's day in Orlando. I don't know why, but I often end up photographing couples from different parts of the world who meet in unlikely circumstances. Lloyd is a strapping British music industry guy ...

HALEY + ANIKET // New Delhi, India
LOVE AND LANDSCAPES // In Every National Park

   Play for slideshow // Scroll for highlights    Haley and Aniket. Documenting their story was like watching worlds collide. From near polar opposite ends of the earth and against impossible odds, they did it. They found one another. To be so perfectly matched, to be so supremely complimented by another being, to exist in the same moment in time and space, and to simultaneously recognize this miraculous fortune... It must have been fated.When I started traveling to photograph destination weddings for people of different cultures, I thought it would just be a bit of fun... a nice way to add some diversity to my portfolio, and maybe even ...