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Jen and Mike are totally my kind of people! Rad to the bone and madly in love, they set off for Jen's hometown of Pittsburgh for their super unique wedding at the Andy Warhol Museum. Surrounded by the absurd and beautiful paintings, prints, photographs and installations that shocked and changed the art world, these two committed themselves to one another in one of the most unique and endearing ceremonies I've witnessed. 

Although the setting was insanely cool and beautiful, not even Warhol's multiple masterpieces were as moving as what we were all gathered there for...

A wedding is a special enough occasion, but the fact that Jen was actually about 7 months pregnant just added another layer of awesome to this story!

A few weeks ago they welcomed the adorable Ripley to their family, and I'm so happy that these photos will always be a reminder of this incredible phase of life. 

One unfortunate part of this story was that it took place during one of the worst weather events in recent history. Hurricane Irma was set to batter the entire state of Florida where the couple and most of their family and friends reside. A pretty significant portion of the group couldn't get flights up to Pittsburgh which meant a much lighter guest list and bridal party. But, realizing that it was beyond their control, the couple took it in stride and stayed focussed on one another... and did their best to stay present and engaged for each and every moment of the wedding. In the end, those who were there rocked their little socks off in honor of the couple and their growing family! 

On a personal note, I can't thank Jen and Mike for truly being the perfect hosts, subjects and friends a wedding photographer could ask for. They trusted my judgement and threw themselves in to the creative process whole heartedly, which resulted in some of my favorite images to date. Here's how it all went down...







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