HANNAH + MAX // Joshua Tree Adventure Session

Hannah and Max visit Joshua Tree National Park pretty much every chance they get. They kept saying how they can't believe it's so close to LA but so many Southern Californians don't bother to actually enjoy the amazing wilderness that surrounds them. I couldn't agree more (although I don't mind having less people around). Anyway, as a nature loving pair of hikers, it only felt natural to spend some time documenting their chemistry amongst this beautiful and meaningful landscape.

Aside from the epic scenes we stumbled across together... the experience was full of memorable moments! Namely, my eventful and unplanned run in with a cactus, and Max's heroism in a mad dash back to the car to retrieve some pliers to aid with the removal of approximately 1000 cactus spurs (slight exaggeration - and don't worry, we really did tread lightly throughout our visit). Never the less, this couple not only showed me this beautiful slice of the country in close detail, but they also showed me who they really are as people. Their hospitality, kindness and general enthusiasm was a joy to be around.

Thank you, Hannah and Max for an incredible adventure. I can't wait for round two at your wedding this summer!


Side note: There are loads of reasons couples do engagement sessions. Most commonly these days, people just assume it's necessary for their 'save the dates'. But for me, the reasons to do any sort of pre-wedding photo session are much deeper. Here's a list of a whole bunch:

1) Tell your story
2) Celebrate and document your relationship
3) Take a break from the stress of wedding planning
4) Focus on each other and your reasons for marrying
5) Adventure (somewhere you love, or somewhere new!)
6) Create art that matters to you
7) Build a relationship with your wedding photographer
8) Gain comfortability with the photographic process
(it'll make your wedding photos feel more natural!)
9) And sure... Use the photos for your save the dates, wedding website or reception decor

AND if you want me to elaborate (perhaps through conversation with you and your love over a beer or glass of red), I'm ready to ramble on about everything I love about these experiences and why you should give it a try! Contact me here ;)

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Jaseline - Just absolutely Stunning. Beautiful work. Beautiful couple.