claire + peter, mount lofty house wedding
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Wow, I love being an Adelaide wedding photographer... First of all, I should apologize for this being such a long post. But really, it's Claire and Peter's fault for having such an awesome Mount Lofty House Wedding! I know they put a lot of effort into this day, and there were just so many moments and details I couldn't bare to leave out. So if you feel so inclined, feel free to click the link at the end of the post to see their full gallery :)

Pete and I: We go way back (to another life it seems). We played basketball together, at an age when basketball was all that mattered to us. Through long days in the gym, long flights on basketball trips, and endless laughs with a beer after games, we became good mates. Sadly, neither of us play basketball anymore. Life has taken us in different directions and we each have very different stories since we've hung up the old sneakers. But, we are both in another phase of life now. The stage where sharing is everything with a significant other is the most important thing (not basketball). 

Enter the lovely Claire: Claire is the most important thing to Pete. She is the biggest part of his story. I knew Claire only briefly before I moved to the US. But in that time, it was obvious to me that they compliment each other perfectly. They share good humor, humility, a passion for fun and fitness, and a zest for life that is infectious and a joy to be around.

When I heard that they were engaged, I was thrilled, but not surprised. When I realized that there wedding date was during my scheduled trip to Australia, I was stunned and excited. When they officially said they wanted me to help tell their story, I was elated and overjoyed. What an opportunity I thought... to not only share in the most important day of my friends lives, but to be the one who captures their most cherished memories. It was an honor and a privilege. Thank you Claire and Hobes :)

Oh, The cherry on the wedding cake: The Adelaide Hills is one of my favorite places on Earth, not to mention one of my favorite places to photograph. So naturally I was absolutely stoked to hear that this would be the back drop for their big day. Also they chose to tie the knot on Australia Day. A day always filled with good vibes and celebrations. How fitting!


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Cara - Your dress is absolutely stunning as well as your bridesmaids! Could you tell me where you got the bridesmaid dresses or maybe the shades of color that they were. I can't find any light peachy pink like you did! Beautiful!
Claire - I love the bridesmaid dresses!! Can you provide the designers name?! Gorgeous wedding and photographs
Kandice - I am in LOVE with your bridesmaid's dresses!!!!!! Can you please tell me where you got them? I've been looking everywhere for ones that I like, THANK YOU <3
Jo Haas - As a guest I had an awesome time at this beautiful wedding, and you have captured Clair and Peter and the event beautifully. Awesome photos!!