This is Alex (and his lovely fiancé, Melanie).


Alex is a legit rockstar, but when he's not drumming his skinny little pants off in his band 'Fame on Fire', he's actually an ultra talented freelance filmmaker! AND he has recently come on board the Joshua Kane Train as our in house videographer and editor for wedding films! Woop Woop!


On the day, he'll follow the lead photographer's direction and retain just enough creative freedom to interpret your story with his special brand of creativity... Then, we'll edit it together alongside your photos to make it a cohesive finished product that will show your day in the best possible light across both mediums. Our goal is to keep video coverage as unobtrusive and seamless with the photography as possible. That way, the memories of your wedding day won't be blurred by two contrasting styles. Most importantly, we use minimal fuss and equipment to ensure your day doesn't turn in to a "production" and detract from the heart of your story!


We're offering special introductory rates for the remainder of 2019 and we have all kinds of options (including drone footage and audio of vows and speeches) to consider whenever you're ready to start the conversation.


Click the link below to view a sample... and feel free to contact us anytime with questions!